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001.jpgCello Writing Instruments.The makers of India's favourite Cello pens, are a part of Rs.1000 crore (US$ 250mn.) Cello Group. Lauded as one of the world's best and India's largest pen manufacturer's and well known for its dynamism and spirit of innovation. Cello ceaselessly endeavours to bring in the newest and the best of technology to set new benchmarks in quality and innovates constantly to blaze new trails in the market place. At Cello, innovation is not just a guiding philosophy, it is a key business process, dynamism and a defining attitude. Today Cello offers one of the largest range of pens offered by any manufacturer in the world, all conforming to the highest global standards. The result of a well-equipped assembly line with over 180ultra-sophisticated injection moulding machines and a highly trained and dedicated work force of 10000. Cello's extensive global R & D, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, production, processes, globally sourced material and exhaustive quality standards are among the best in the world. It's what makes Cello Group strong business conglomerate. It's what make a Cello a Cello

002.jpgIndia is an extremely competitive Rs 1500 crore (US$350mn) market for plastic moulded writing instruments and Cello is the undisputed leader, presently manufacturing 6 million pens per day, with an installed capacity of 6.2 million pens per day. A colossus towering over the rest, Cello has well over 33% share in the domestic market and Rs600 Crore (US$1200mn) turnover. Cello has been achieving unrivalled growth rates of 12% p.a. in the domestic market and exports growing at 60% contribute 14% of the domestic turnover. Thanks to the cutting edge technology,vast range of innovative pen across every price point, unparalleled consumer reach and strong brand equity, its really no wonder Cello today sells nearly 6 million pens a day, every day.

003.jpgCello has India's largest range of smart looking, high-performance gel ink and ballpoint pens in different ink colours and at a variety of price points. Be it a school kid , a college student , a young professional or a senior executive, there is a Cello for every one. Starting from Cello Alpha Gel ,Maxriter and Gripper pens for pressure-free writing that are a hit with school kid to the cool looking Cello Finegrip, Pinpoint and Technotip XS that the college going crowd vouches for. From the ever-dependable Cello Finer, Pointec and the stylish Cello Powermaxx that has become the working professionals' most preferred to the Cello Sapphire, Papersoft and Executive pens with a certain understand luxury that have become a common sight on the desks of senior executives. There's also Cello's new range of Highlighters and markers that have carved out an enviable name for themselves in a very short time.

004.jpgCello is now poised on the verge of an exciting new leap forward, with an ambitious diversification plan that will propel Cello well beyond the realm of pens and writing instruments. Cello's foray into notebooks, office files (stationery products) pencils, desktop accessories, OHP & CD markers and mechanical pencils will lead to enormous growth in the coming years.

Cello Pens are backed by well-thought out marketing and advertising campaigns based on strategically sound positioning that have driven the name Cello to the tip of every tongue. Today, Cello enjoys very high top-of-mind consumer recall and a prime spot of consumer mindspace. This, coupled with Cello's aggressive below-the-line promotional initiatives, makes sure Cello stays the most asked for pen in India.